One-to-One Appointment Scheduling
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More Productive with One-to-One Appointment Scheduling

While most events feature numerous breakout sessions, speakers, and floor demos, ensuring attendees have the ability to connect with other professionals and suppliers for one-to-one meetings is becoming a must.

People don’t come to events just to go from one session to the next without networking or meeting other business needs, and even those with no specific plans for connecting with other attendees will generally have downtime that they would like to fill. Leaving them to their own devices, when it comes to scheduling appointments, can lead to a lot of frustration, particularly if they have trouble connecting with someone to schedule a one-to-one in the first place.

Luckily, there are excellent solutions available that can make setting these appointments a breeze, and they are ideal for a whole range of scenarios.

Here are just a few examples of how these services can make your 2018 events more productive and efficient.

Hosted Buyer

If you are coordinating a hosted buyer event, having a scheduling solution that connects attendees with exhibitors is essential. By using a comprehensive conference scheduling platform, you can enable participants and suppliers to accomplish their goals of finding one another, and even assist in the matchmaking process to ensure attendees locate the right kind of vendors based on the exact needs.

Tutoring and Training

Some events have numerous opportunities for attendees to receive tutoring and training from other skilled professionals and vendors, but finding the right person to meet their objectives isn’t always easy. With an event scheduling platform, candidates and instructors can locate each other in a matter of moments and set an appointment in mere moments. This saves everyone time, as every participant can set their preferences in advance to make sure the matches are ideal.


Events are generally great networking opportunities, but locating other participants with similar interests and goals isn’t always easy when you’re knee-deep in breakout sessions and other engagements. By harnessing the power of networking tools and scheduling assistants, your attendees, vendors, and sponsors can locate each other with greater ease while ensuring the value of the networking opportunity. It also provides a platform for those who cross paths by chance to schedule a one-to-one session at a later time, allowing them to pick up their conversation where they left off even when pressed for time.

Comprehensive Demos

Some suppliers are more than happy to provide comprehensive demos of the products, as long as those in attendance have a reasonable likelihood of making a purchase. With a scheduling solution, potential attendees can be prescreened, with only those who are deemed most qualified receiving an invitation to the event.

This can be particularly useful when there’s a high chance that a large number of people would want to attend the demo, but space is especially limited, as it guarantees the supplier a higher chance of earning some sales for their efforts.


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